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How to Get Back Your Google Account?
10/3/19 1:00 AM - 6/30/20 1:00 AM
New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, Manhattan, N...
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new city, new york
However, forgetting password or getting locked out of Google account can be very problematic and annoying. However, Google always updates recovery options for its flagship Gmail account. Therefore this article will walk you through the most commonly used and effective recovery methods for your Google account. Methods to Recover Gmail Account Read the steps below • Open Google sign in homepage • Open Google sign in homepage • Click on “Forgot Password” • Enter your username once again and click on continue • Click on “yes” on the recovery notification on your phone • Alternatively, in your web browser, click on “Try Another Way” to proceed with further recovery options • On the next screen, click on “Text me the verification code” and once you receive it, enter the code into the required space. • If you do not have the phone number or forgotten it then click on the “Try another Way” link once again • Click on, “Yes…”to get the code on your alternative email • Now, enter a new password twice and sign into your account using it. Therefore, you’ll be to do the Google account recovery easily. If not, then you can also go for the Security Questions to further recover your account. For more information, contact to the customer support of Google.
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